Today we start a short tour across several slovak and czech clubs called Tour Of Unrest.
We are happy to introduce two new persons at our live band, Juro Kocnar (from the band Slowlick) on electric guitar and Peter Kohout (from well-known legends Bez ladu a skladu) on saxophone and clarinet.
Gigs on tour are as follows:

17/1 Zilina / Stanica (SK)
18/1 Banska Bystrica / Zahrada (SK)
24/1 Trencin / Klub Luc (SK)
25/1 Piestany / Ziwell (SK)
30/1 Kosice / Tabacka (SK)
31/1 Presov / Wave (SK)
1/2 Povazska Bystrica / B2 (SK)
7/2 Bratislava / Fuga (SK)
27/2 Brno / Kabinet Muz (CZ)
28/2 Praha / Pilot (CZ)

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