At least one step ahead with its hypnotic blend of up-to-date electronica with genre crossing as an overall manifesto. In its wide-spectral electronic mix AUTUMNIST combines ambient with soundwalls of breakbeat and hip-hop beats, hitech courses with lo-fi pop, bizzare movie-like atmospheres with extraterrestrial folklore. AUTUMNIST live is an impressive five piece band with electronics, drums, bass, electric guitar and sax/clarinet visually supported by on-stage synchronized VJ-ing.

AUTUMNIST is a brainchild of Vlado Durajka. He was known before as ABUSE from the EPs Silt, 4th Floor Sinking (2001) and Sleepfields (2002). His highly acclaimed first studio album The Great Outdoors (2005) was followed by numerous live appearances. The first, eponymous release under a new monicker The Autumnist, was released 2009 and was awarded The Best Album 2009 – Choice Of Critics at the most prestigious slovak awards organized by the national broadcast Radio FM. Following album Sound Of Unrest (2013) tends from pure electronica to more organic sound. The band also appeared at several well-known festivals and clubs abroad supported on stage renowned international projects like Recoil, Laika, Cinematic Orchestra, Mouse on Mars and so on.

Band’s current lineup is: Vlado Durajka (electronics, keyboards, samplers), Mates Homola (drums, trumpet), Martin Turzik (electric bass), Juraj Kocnar (electric guitar), Peter Kohout (saxophones, clarinet).