Autumnist - False Beacon (album)

False Beacon

Recent album

The album False Beacon is the most rough and straightforward record of Autumnist so far. Compared to the previous, more trip-hop-influenced albums, this one is inspired more by kraut-rock, psychedelic space rock and proto-synthpop.

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Nylon Union - Waver (Autumnist Remix)

Remix Waver of Nylon Union

Listen to the new remix 'Waver' from Nylon Union's single.

Autumnist - The Autumnist (10th anniversary vinyl, Record Store Day 2019)

The debut album from 2009 on vinyl

Our eponymous debut album from 2009 will be released on Record Store Day (April, 13rd) first time on limited yellow vinyl.

Autumnist - False Beacon (Album of the Year 2019 by music journalists)

False Beacon is Album of the Year 2018 by music journalists!

Our album False Beacon was awarded as the Album of the Year by music journalists at Radio_head Awards 2018!

False Beacon at Radio_head Awards 2018 (nominations)

False Beacon has 3 nominations at RHA 2018

False Beacon was shortlisted in three categories at annual Radio_head Awards 2018.

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