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Expect the unexpected, because when it comes to Autumnist there’s a surprise waiting at every corner.

Jack Parker, All Things Loud (NL)

Rotweiler’s determination and equally obstinate perfectionism are behind the unique sound of Slovak project Autumnist. The new album Sound Of Unrest has set out to convince the listener that it is possible to reside in what is now former Czechoslovakia and sound modern and original.

RadioWave (CZ)

This album is really export-ready in the true meaning of words. You can proudly play it back wherever abroad Slovakia.


World-class Slovak music? Undoubtedly Autumnist! Vlado Durajka aka Autumnist is a producer whose music is more than just layering electronic beats, scapes and sounds – it is music made for being played live. It has its own sound, vision and ability to transform itself into compositions which are relevant on the global playground. (SK)

Album Sound Of Unrest does not lie and aspires to one of the best albums in the czech-slovak territory this year.

Musicserver (CZ)

Good album is always a festive event
Double Loud Blog, 2013 [LINK]

Czech it (SK): Autumnist
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