Autumnist - Future Lights (remixes, vinyl, download)

Compilation of remixes Future Lights

Two years after the critically acclaimed False Beacon here we go with a…

Nylon Union - Waver (Autumnist Remix)

Remix Waver of Nylon Union

Listen to the new remix 'Waver' from Nylon Union's single.

Autumnist - The Autumnist (10th anniversary vinyl, Record Store Day 2019)

The debut album from 2009 on vinyl

Our eponymous debut album from 2009 will be released on Record Store Day…

Autumnist - False Beacon (Album of the Year 2019 by music journalists)

False Beacon is Album of the Year 2018 by music journalists!

Our album False Beacon was awarded as the Album of the Year by music…

False Beacon at Radio_head Awards 2018 (nominations)

False Beacon has 3 nominations at RHA 2018

False Beacon was shortlisted in three categories at annual Radio_head Awards…

False Beacon @ Radio_head Awards 2018

Radio_Head Awards 2018

Vote for the album False Beacon at Radio_head Awards 2018 until 10. February.

Autumnist @ ESNS 19

ESNS'19 - a great experience

It was not only a night to remember... An incredible experience and a fantastic…

False Beacon - among the best slovak albums of 2018

False Beacon among the best albums of 2018

Album False Beacon was ranked among the best slovak albums of 2018 by several…

Autumnist - False Beacon Remix Contest

False Beacon Remix Contest

We just announced the public remix contest of whatever track form the album…

Autumnist at ESNS 2019

Eurosonic Noorderslag 2019

We are very excited we became a part of final selection of the bands for…